Dear Friends of the Global Social Business Summit,

The 9th edition of the Global Social Business Summit in Wolfsburg has been an unbelievable experience.
On behalf of the Grameen Creative Lab, the Yunus Centre, Volkswagen AG and Autostadt, we would like to thank you for your participation to the Summit. You made it such a joyful experience we were longing for all year and preparing with so much attention!

A big thank you to our participants and speakers for your energy and passion of sharing knowledge and exchange impulses – that is what made this GSBS unforgettable!
It has been a pleasure to welcome delegations, entrepreneurs, young creatives, public officials, private companies, NGOs and academics from around the world in Wolfsburg. Seeing all the valuable connections being made between our worldwide friends is all the Global Social Business Summit is about.

We have proudly hosted participants from over 55 countries as well as exceptional speakers at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg in order to build a new civilization. As the GSBS is the gathering of the year where the global Social Business community comes together and shares best practices, we hope that you are now full of new and inspiring ideas!
Now, full of new, fresh Social Business energy, we are more than ready to get back to work in order to shape a world of “Three Zeros” and build a new civilization!

We deeply trust you enjoyed the experience of participating at the Summit as much as we enjoyed organizing it. We wish to see you for the upcoming 10th edition of the Global Social Business Summit! We will keep you updated on further details.

Please, let us know about the feedback you would like to share or any other questions regarding the Summit by writing us back under As we are always thriving to make the Global Social Business Summit as valuable for you as possible, all your comments are more than welcome.

Until then, we wish you all the best!

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Chairman of Yunus Centre
Hans Reitz
Head of Global Social Business Summit
Co-Founder of The Grameen Creative Lab

If you have any questions, remarks, or interest in cooperating with Grameen Creative Lab please contact us at

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