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A lot of things can be done within 7 days…
for example the registration to the Global Social Business Summit 2018 ;-)

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Social business needs cooperation, it needs investors who are willing to invest in the good. It needs initiators, innovators and supporters. This is why successful social businesses are successful – because of the power of collaboration.

This is why we have created the Global Social Business Summit, the worldwide leading platform for social business, to bring together all the experts from around the globe and to set a starting point for future collaborations.

Save your ticket now!

It is our purpose to encourage YOU to join the world of social business and thus, to make the social business movement grow and accelerate worldwide. That’s why we want you to come to the GSBS 2018 in Wolfsburg and to use the unique chance of getting connected to the social business experts from around the globe.

Save your ticket now!

Use the chance of getting to know the big successful collaborators of social business in the different areas at the GSBS 2018, such as Yunus Social Business, Peace & Sports, Danone Communities, McCain and various Grameen Organizations!
Don’t miss the chance to start your own cooperation with these influential businesses!


We are really busy finalizing the last preparations for the Summit and we are thrilled to welcome our inspiring speakers from all around the globe.

Stay tuned for our latest updates and check out our Experience Journeys!

Please note that you need to register online for the Experience Journeys, where you can choose 2 of the 25 Journeys from the list.

Contribute to building a new civilization using the power of cooperation together with the leading social business experts from around the globe and Nobel Peace Prize laureate professor Muhammad Yunus himself!

We can’t wait for the GSBS to finally open its gates at Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany!

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Chairman of Yunus Centre
Hans Reitz
Head of Global Social Business Summit
Co-Founder of The Grameen Creative Lab

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